Coastal Ecology Sustainability:

Wildlife Conservation via Educational Outreach

Ringling College of Art + Design / Film Department

in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Longboat and Key and Sarasota Bay,

Save our Seabirds, Longboat Key Turtle Watch and Mote Marine Laboratories


The Ringling College of Art + Design (Professor Patrick Alexander, Film Department), in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Longboat Key and Sarasota Bay, Save our Seabirds (SOS), Longboat Key Turtle Watch (LBKTW), and Mote Marine Laboratories, are developing an environmental stewardship & educational program that will focus on the coastal ecology of Florida. 

This exciting endeavor will result in informative and influential outreach impacting children and families, young adults representing the decision-makers of the future, as well as the general population, local governments, and educational institutions. The program will focus on the development of multi-media presentations (short films) regarding the importance of local coastal ecology and wildlife conservation. The effort will utilize digital media/video technology, and also use printed media, both to support in-situ educational presentations as well as engagement on social media platforms and websites. Further, the effort will support the acquisition of equipment (e.g., computers, display materials) used for educational events and training.

A unique aspect of the program is the direct involvement of and collaboration between Rotary, Save our Seabirds, Longboat Key Turtle Watch and Mote Marine Laboratories.  These are well established not-for-profit organizations that have the shared objective of educational outreach to the public.  This is also consistent with Rotary International's focus on environmental sustainability ( The program is being supported by charitable organizations[1] and philanthropic donations.  A unique aspect of this program is the inclusion of creative films, featuring sea turtle and seabird conservation and a general “environmental stewardship" education module.  The resources of the organizations involved include decades of experience with educational programs, public interaction, communicating the importance of conservation, and science and research initiatives.  Also, the organizations have an extensive archive of photos and video that can be used, in addition to “de novo” filming done by Ringling College professionals and students. 

We are very excited about this opportunity, which is being funded in part by Rotary and importantly, philanthropic contributions.  Thus, we are asking you to consider being a sponsor.  We hope that you will support this important effort; your contribution is tax deductible, and a receipt will be provided to you or your organization.  This is an opportunity to make a difference through your support of creative educational outreach via Ringling College. Your help will amplify the efforts of Rotary, Mote Marine, Longboat Key Turtle Watch and Save our Seabirds, towards coastal ecology stewardship and related scientific research.  Further, it will help support the continued efforts of many volunteers and hopefully, future generations.

[1] The proposal/grant application to Rotary District 6960 (review and award of grants concluded in August) can be provided on request. Further details of our District Rotary Grant proposal can be provided as requested.  Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.

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Express Your Commitment to our Coastal Ecosystem and Conservation Programs

Sponsorship provides an exceptional opportunity to express you or your organization’s commitment to educational outreach in support of the Ringling + Affiliates (LBKTW, SOS, Mote Marine) film production program.  The film production program represents an important stewardship effort for our local coastal and marine ecosystems, conservation endeavors for sea turtles and seabirds, and the environmental health and prosperity of our community.  Sponsors will receive visibility and recognition in the film credits and on social media. 

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